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Types Of Electric Guitar Strings

Electric guitar strings are made in a variety of materials and gauges. Each manufacturer uses different materials and winding processes   

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the way it is played, determines which gauge of strings are needed. The choice of strings is critical to the intonation, sound quality, set up and playability of the instrument. It is advisable to find a brand and gauge of string that meets your needs, set up your guitar specifically for those particular guitar strings and continue to use them exclusively.

We have defined parts of the guitar and learned the characteristics of guitar strings. It is now time to begin the electric guitar setup process, starting with How to String an Electric Guitar.

which greatly affects the harmonic vibration (sound) produced by the string. Consequently, different brands produce different sounds. The string

gauge refers to the thickness or diameter of the guitar strings. Guitar strings are classified in gauge categories that range from ultra-light to heavy. The type of music that is played, the instrument that is being played and

Electric guitars produce sound as a result of controlled vibration passing through a magnetic field. This is accomplished through the use of steel guitar strings and sophisticated versions of George Beauchamp’s 1931 era magnetic pick up. Electric guitar strings contain steel. Steel, because of its carbon content, fatigues under vibrational stress. Consequently, the vibrational efficiency declines as the guitar string is played. This decline, along with oxidation from ambient elements such as humidity, temperature, dust and deposits of oils from the player’s hands negatively affects the sound of the instrument. This is why guitar strings need to be cleaned after each use and replaced often.

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Electric Guitar Strings

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